The Millionaire Mind

The millionaire mind is a myth in the minds of many. Others believe you can either be brought up in a way that you grow a millionaire mind - or that you can change your money mindset later in life. That would require you to let go of your limiting money beliefs and be willing to go on a journey to self discovery.  

Do We Believe We Can - Or We Can't? 

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right.” Henry Ford

Women are now 52% of the worlds population but they only control 7% of the worlds riches. Rather than focusing on limitations we can focus on possibilities for growth and innovation. 

By changing our money mindset, we can change our money behaviour and we can manifest a different reality in our businesses and in our lives. We can become financially empowered and create financial sustainability. We can make more money and keep more of what we earn. 

When I accepted that everything showing up in my life, was the result of my money mindset, I began to seek specific knowledge. I wanted to discover the mindset secrets of financially free leaders. People who were responsible for their financial freedom. 

I started asked myself some questions: What are their values? How do they think about money? What are their empowering money beliefs? How do I change my money mindset and work towards financial freedom? 

My Quest For Answers 

I began seeking answers to these questions. The answers have proved to be highly valuable. I found out that the millionaire mindset is composed by a few key elements that lead to success. 

After having been trained when it comes to helping people clear their limiting money beliefs and creating a paradigm shift in their relationship with money, I started working with people on financial empowerment through my leadership coaching practice, EddaCoaching. 

These tried and tested methods are now available to you through my online program 12 Weeks To Financial Freedom

Money Mindset

Your money mindset is sure to reflect in your relationship with money. That again reflects in your money habits and your financial outcome. 

The good news is that your money mindset is not fixed. With some help, you can change it. Because your money mindset is more like clothing you can change and put on more fitting attire for your journey towards financial freedom. 

Intuition And The Millionaire Mind

What part does intuition play when it comes to the millionaire mindset? Do those who are financially free have a stronger connection with their intuition? What is intuition? Is it a real phenomenon or is it just a frase? Is there a process that helps you connect with you intuition?

Intrigued by the subject, I conducted a research asking:  How can you connect with your intuition

Money Archetypes or Money Personalities

Self knowledge was a cornerstone in ancient Greek culture. The cradle of western civilisation also fostered ideas about universal archetypes or personality types. 

Archetypes have remained a subject of study through the centuries, as a reminder of the fact that we are all connected. And that threads of us exist in every culture around the world. 

The composition of your unique money DNA is the key to your financial freedom. Getting to know your money archetypes or money personalities is a powerful way for you to start your journey to financial freedom

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