Leadership Tools

Being successful as about mindset, actions and outcome. Having a success mindset is supported by having a toolkit fit for a leader. A leadership toolkit that will inspire you to take action and change your outcome for the better. This is why step four of the Five Step System is all about leadership tools. To help you reach your desired success as a leader. These are among the tools I use to support me on my path to becoming a better leader. 

Leadership Vision

A vision statement is an essential part of a business plan. It is the leaders job to follow through with the vision and make it come alive within the company or organisation. Having a strong personal leadership vision is also essential for an empowered leader. Knowing that your leadership vision and the vision of the company or organisation go together is very important. 

Wheel of Life

A wheel of life is an excellent support tool to use when you are creating a vision board.  A wheel of life is also one of the essential leadership tools you can use to check the balance between different areas in your life. 

Vision Board

A vision board is a great tool to use to create your vision as a leader. I have used vision boards for several years now and they are a great tool. Creating a vision board on regular basis has helped me to expand my vision. More importantly it has helped me to begin seeing myself where I want to go instead of where I am now. Creating a vision board is like building a bridge from where you are to where you want to go. It is an amazing leadership tool. 

How To Mind Map

I love to be playful and creative at work. Especially when I need to organise new projects or explore new opportunities. Mind mapping is a wonderful way to let your creative side run wild while you break down the nitty gritty of a project or an idea. This genius way allows you to see the big picture on a piece of paper. I'll show you how to mind map

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