Leadership Success

Creating leadership success in your life is not always easy. It requires you to really step up and to let go of things, behaviours and other people. The fact is you need both courage and determination to do that. You also need a simple system to follow and a leadership coach by your side. 

I have had the privilege to work with amazing clients. People I have seen grow taller and breakthrough to become the leaders they were destined to become. Many of those leaders remain my clients and I continue to support them on their leadership journey. For that I am deeply grateful!

My clients have had great success and I am extremely proud of their courage and determination. Here are some of their leadership success stories: 

Sirry Arnardottir, Media Person, Public Speaker and Author. www.sirry.is

I host workshops for different groups and that requires me to sustain my self growth, recharge my batteries and reload my toolbox on regular basis.

I had a mindset breakthrough when it comes to pricing my services, during my VIP day with Edda.

The work we did together prooved to be a very useful boost which empowered me to move forward and to create new ways to generate income.

Anna Lilja Johansen, CEO. www.another-creation.com

Working with Edda, I started to see opportunities where I had seen none before. She has held me in my power, supported me to achieve my goals and most of all to be who I want to be and feel good about it.

I have resolved limitations and seen great progress regarding my finances and my projects. Also I learned a new technique to use when I give presentations and it works like a charm.

I’m very grateful to Edda who is kind, non-judgmental, open minded, optimistic and sees the world from an alternative perspective.

Thora Karitas Arnadottir, Producer, Actress and Author. 

 I had dreamed of creating my own projects based on my passion of producing, acting and writing, but I was confused where to channel my energy.

My work with Edda provided me with the tools I needed to become an entrepreneur. Being in charge of my time and having a constant flow of work has allowed me to reach my income goals.

I am now working with things that make me happy and I am grateful for that.

Tristan Gribbin, Modern-Day Meditation teacher and Breathwork Practitioner. 

Edda possesses many powerful tools to help not only illuminate the inner beliefs that cause us to behave in old patterns, but also effective ways to work to let go of them and move forward.

In my first session with her I found myself discovering parts of myself that were hidden and the recognition brought me bittersweet tears of healing.

She has the gift to help people gain strength and confidence to move forward into new possibilities and positive change. To have a brighter and more fulfilling life.

I love working with Edda on my personal growth.

Sigridur Elva Vilhjalmsdottir, Television Host and Airplane Pilot. 

The biggest change that has occurred since I started working with Edda is that I find it easier to organise my projects. I have a system for everything and I have more drive to follow through.

Furthermore, here has been a fundamental mindset shift in terms of money. Both when it comes to making money and keeping more of what I make. 

My identity has been transformed. I know what I want and I dare to implement what is needed to make that become my reality.

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