How To Be a Leader

When I started thinking about how to be a leader in my life, I began seeing myself as a leader. To be honest with you, that vision was a bit blurry to begin with, but with every baby step I took, it became clearer. 

I got to a place where I could look back and see the milestones and the paradigm shifts I have experienced. That was the birthplace of my Five Step System of how to become the financial leader in my life. Each of the five steps is composed by a few mini steps. Together they make up for an easy to follow, step by step, journey to you becoming the empowered leader in your life. 

After you have completed the first step by defining your core values and getting to know your top money archetypes, you are ready to move on to step number two in my Five Step System.

When you apply this second step in the Five Step System, you get a chance to start over. This is by no means a once in a lifetime thing - no it is a rinse and repeat process. Look at it as a new habit you are forming. A new way of seeing things. This second step is composed by three mini steps or baby steps: Accepting responsibility, owning your story and letting go. 

1. Accept Responsibility 

To become a leader, you must first accept responsibility in your own life. The core of how to be a leader is to become aware of the fact that you make your own destiny. I know this can be a frustrating idea at first, but you will become highly empowered when you start living by it. 

2. Own Your Story 

You are the only one who can change your life and become the leader you are destined to be. When you have accepted responsibility in your life, the next step is to own your story. That will give you a fresh perspective on your life and the possibilities that lie ahead of you. 

3. Let it Go 

A responsible leader that owns her own story, becomes ready to let go of the things she cannot change. That includes other people. What a relief! It saves endless time and energy to let it go!

How To Be a Leader in Action

These three immensely important mini steps compose the second step in the Five Step System I used to become the leader in my own life. The elements in this step are core elements in being a leader. Being willing to accept responsibility, makes you a great role model for others to follow. When you own your story, you have a highly valuable perspective on life as a whole. This gives you an advantage as a leader. When you are willing to let go of the things you cannon control - you become unstoppable! A new beginning and an end to what is no longer serving you. 

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