Empowerment of Women
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Empowerment of women is at the core of EddaCoaching. Edda strongly believes in empowering women financially so they can be truly free to manifest the life they envision. Because empowered women make great leaders.

Offered by EddaCoaching: 

Everyone desires to be financially free. Whether we want to reach financial freedom in the next months or years - or if financial freedom feels more like an utopian idea at the moment, the truth is we need a solid plan to create financial freedom in our lives.

And that is where most of us get stuck. Creating a plan sounds intriguing to some people - but the action part often goes missing. Good intentions are not good enough when it comes to our relationship with money.

But what if there was a way for each and every one of us to become financially free? In an attempt to answer that question, I created a creative and fun system that is easy to implement. I know we are all very busy, so this system is meant to be integrated into everyday life. That way we are able to change our relationship with money - one day at the time. Click on the link below for more information on how to become financially free. 


The best way to describe this workshop is: fun, creative and innovative. The method presented has helped thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs move their business forward and create breakthroughs in their income.

During this workshop you as participant will: 

  • Discover your unique money DNA. 
  • Get clear on what is stopping you in your business. 
  • Connect with your gifts and the potential that is available to you. 
  • Discover what you need to stop resisting to uncover a secret source of strength. 
  • Find out how you can accelerate your income by tapping into the power of your unique money DNA. 
  • Get insight on how to run your business more productively and profitably. 
  • Discover new ways to get the best out of your team. 



Private Leadership Coaching 

Edda offers high level private leadership coaching to exclusive clients. Edda's coaching methods are designed to bring paradigm shift and take leaders and entrepreneurs to uncharted territories, by getting rid of limiting beliefs that stand in the way of their growth. Among her clients are business leaders and entrepreneurs along with academic faculty and people from creative industries. She works both directly with individuals and as a company coach. 

Edda Jonsdottir is a Certified Professional Coach from the International Coach Academy in Australia. She has completed several additional coaching certificates on the topic of money and limiting beliefs. 

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Please apply for a complimentary discovery session to be considered. 

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